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Antique effect paint

antique effect paintis also called American painting, in the American civil war was the source of the many refugees, refugee migration of transport was the carriage. Furniture in the carriage by sludge in the process of transportation, the horse manure on the cauda equina flap fly smudgy pat on furniture, such as fly to climb when pull the dung, moth traces of damage, etc., to make furniture beyond recognition. And the history of the United States short, lack of antiques, these furniture as antique also very elegant cultural connotation, so they invented the archaize coating (i.e., American painting). Today's furniture such as a wide variety of products are antique effect, a large number of market application range is very wide, can be widely promotion! We can use our products copies the surface effect of antiques, old will be restoring ancient ways is the surface of a new product processing.

Main application:

suitable for stainless steel, phosphating, zinc alloy, aluminum, galvanized sheet iron, electric plate and other metal materials, can be also used in thre self-dry type in Poly , polyurethane, A. B. S, PVC, PP and other material.