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Talent Concept
Personnel policy: science and education works, people-oriented, respect for knowledge and talent
In the process of constant development, Jiang Sipho Shiming Technology Co., Ltd. to establish a science and education plant synchronous gradually, people-oriented, respect for knowledge and talent development strategy of talent, wave Shiming prepared by the Human Resources Department annual human resource development strategy based on an annual development planning, leadership after approval by the Human Resources Department is responsible for implementing. HR focus wave Shiming talent development strategy to work, recruitment take the form of internal and external recruitment.
External recruitment: select talented people from various colleges and universities nationwide and talent agencies to join the wave Shiming.
Internal recruitment: people choose to take the matter, the governor know people, merit, Understand use principle, the use of wave Shiming performance appraisal system to find talent, mining personnel, so that people were added to various key positions. Wave Shiming in the introduction and use of personnel, while also retaining talent as the focus of personnel work, with excellent working and living environment for them and for all types of pension and other social benefits, good working atmosphere, firmly rooted staff wave Shiming confidence.

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