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Anti-bending, deep stamping resistant coatings of coil steel

In order to reduce dependence on artificial, environmental improvement and to enhance the work efficiency, carry out the first paint and pressed more and more users, which we develop Anti-bending, deep stamping resistant coatings of coil steel primer and topcoat, You can roll coating, spray coating.

Xharacteristics of Today similar products on the market :

① after bending the naked eye did not crack, is already cracking, rust after a few months out of the bend; or recoating paint on top when the bottom is grabbed

② resistance to deep drawing failure

Our Features:

① high-volume non-welded technology such as fire doors

② work without spray

③ environmental protection, there is no external emissions

④ can fold 0T

⑤ steel sheet can be coated first, then embossing, bending

⑥ after bending or deep drawing, deep drawing place has no paint ppel, no rust in boiling water and cook for 2 hours

⑦ recoating bending embossed , the back varnish will not be grabbed

⑧ bending place has no rust at the neutral salt spray for 240 hours

⑨ Dry at 240 ℃ × 180 s or 190 ℃ × 20 minutes