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GFD-30 special transparent primer for stainless steel

This product is developed for stainless steel, has strong adhesion to various types of stainless steels.


1, strong adhesion per cell adhesion 100/100;

2, high hardness, can not afford to hand pull, good wear resistance;

3, you can add color fine as a common bottom surface coating;

4, can be used alone as a primer, then paint repair color finish. Wet-on-wet coating, the primer can be 130 ℃ × 10 minutes baking, sanding and then spray paint;

5, full cure conditions: 150 ℃ ~ 130 ℃ × 15 ~ 20 minutes

6, the coating gloss at 30 degrees.

Applicable materials: stainless steel, aluminum material, copper material, zinc alloy, cold pressed Steel Plate, phosphate material, galvanized sheet