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GE-130 low-acid baking paint plating golden oil

GE-130 low-acid plating golded oil is made from a special formulated esin , it has excellent workability, high hardness and resistance to salt spray; is widely used in a variety of metal products and varnish coating of advanced product .


① high gloss, workability.

② high hardness, excellent solvent resistance.

③ excellent salt spray resistance.

④ can be attached to the copper, aluminum, zinc alloy and other material.

⑤ low temperature drying, the coating film at 130 ℃ × 30 ~ 40 minutes to completely dry conditions.

⑥ can be made of metallic or matting products

⑦ can be used in the bronze doors, to avoid scratches generated during the installation.

Suitable Material:

Aluminum, copper, zinc alloy, cold press plate, galvanized sheet, etc.